Energised, Powerful & Connected


  Energised, Powerful & Connected


Reconnect with your feminine energy and tap into your clarity, joy and ease.

Reconnect with your feminine energy and tap into your clarity, joy and ease.

“The world needs you to soften into your wild feminine truth as much as it needs your lioness roar.”

Sharyn Holmes

Where is the joy?

Many women I encounter are either exhausted or are asking themselves life questions such as:

‘What is it I truly want?’

‘Is the success I have worth the pressure?’

‘Where is the joy and passion in my life?’

More Trust, More Love

While developing our masculine side, many of us have lost connection with our feminine essence. And although there’s a longing to return and reconnect with our femininity, there’s a fear of falling back into what is often perceived as ‘weak’ behaviour or losing what we (and the generations before us) have fought for.

I believe the world needs more feminine energy, more collaboration, trust, love, compassion, connection and sustainable initiatives. My vision is one of gender harmony. Finding harmony between the masculine and feminine energies within us allows the manifestation of amazing things with ease in sustainable ways (for both men and women), between the sexes, in organisations and in the world.

Let’s start with you.

Hi, I’m Manon

The more I explore my own feminine ground, the more I’m amazed by her wisdom, power, creativity and abundant life energy. Also, I’m shocked about how little I knew about the divine feminine and how much more I can continue to deepen my connection with her ….

Daily life is not always a nurturing environment to allow the divine feminine to make her appearance. Juggling jobs, children, social activities, family and the simple fact of living in a big city disconnected to the earth, I often rely more on my masculine energy to get things done fast and effectively. I need these feminine embodiment practices just as much as you do and I’m passionate about creating a safe and sacred space in which we can invite and explore her wisdom and power.

I believe all women are healers, regardless of what you do or where you work. My mission is supporting woman to remember their true feminine nature and being a powerful source in this world.

“I had no idea what to expect when I first came to the circles. All I can say is I left feeling elated and grounded at the same time and that lasted for days. It was a beautiful experience of movement (to some very funky tunes), a deep reflection into the feminine and a great sense of connection.

Manon has a perfect balance of confidence yet softness in her voice and manner and the way she leads the circle is contagious!”

Monica Donaldson, Brazil

“It’s so wonderful, inspiring and fun to connect with other woman through movement and meditation. Manon is a star. I love her circles!”

Karen Schuurman, The Netherlands

“Manon really connects with everyone I’ve seen her work with and creates a safe space to explore ourselves deeply. The circles have been enlightening to discover the power of the feminine. In a world where I often feel minimised as a woman, I’m thankful for the light she shines.

Nadine Sequeira, UK

How can we work together?

Individual Sessions

Sometimes you are invited to step up, meet the challenges of life and grow into a new and bigger version of yourself. In the midst of challenges and changes, your head may feel like a bowl of spaghetti and your life unbalanced. Coaching creates clarity, reconnects you to your inner spark and wisdom and helps to start moving in the right direction again. We will work with whatever comes up for you, integrating the mind, emotions, body and spirit.


Feminine Embodiment Circles (women only)

When you want to replenish yourselves, tap into your creative life energy, power and joy.

These evenings are based on the three elements of feminine embodiment: breath, movement and touch. Allowing us to move beyond an intellectual understanding into the wisdom of our bodies and deepen the connection with ourselves and others.

Connect with me for the dates and details of circels in Singapore and the Netherlands.

2-day transformational coaching intensive (for men and women)

When you feel like you have one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake and you are tired of internally negotiating with yourself on important choices in life. This 2-day Inner Negotiation Workshop (INW) supports you in aligning yourself and manifesting your hopes and dreams in flow.

The INW is a carefully desinged process by the MMS World Wide Institute and has been effectively supporting thousands of people in the last 44 years.

Let me know if you’d like to receive the flyer or schedule a free intake to explore what’s possible for you.


I always offer a free session to connect and explore what’s important for you in your life right now.
 Then afterwards, you’ll get to choose if you would like to work with me or not. 

How can I help?

I’m a professional Professional Certified Coach and Mentor Coach, trained at the MMS World Wide Institute by Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, also known as the mother of Coaching.  My background is in Event Marketing at Unilever. At 28 I found my purpose, changed careers and since then I have been coaching, training and facilitating people from all walks of life in and outside of a business context. Besides my ICF, PCC credential in coaching and mentor coaching, I’m educated in Group Dynamics, Systemic Work (family and organisational constellations), Reconnective Healing, Reiki, Personal Leadership and Feminine Embodiment.

“Someone recommended Manon to me as an embodiment coach. I didn’t understand at the time what that was about, but then she cracked me in my first chat with her . . . . . .
‘So you want to move from pressure to pleasure’ ‘You want to experience more of your feminine energy’ ‘Yes, working environments can be very masculine’. After that, 6 more sessions followed supporting me to reconnect with my intuition, life energy and clarifying what I wanted and longed for instead of just knowing what I didn’t want. 
I joined Manon’s circles, full of love and beauty, leaving me open and joyous and anchoring in my body the knowing all is possible.
Manon is the most loving, sharp and intuitive coach. She walked with me to reawaken my feminine energy, spirituality and intuition, with most love and care. I highly recommend her.
Raquel Suarez, Mexico